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Sri Seva Srinivasa Raghavachariar, a scholar of high calibre in Indian Literature who won the coveted "President's Award" in 1992 for his contribution to Sanskrit literature. He is popularly known as "Seva Swamy" among devotees and admirers. His original works, commentaries and translations made him one of the greatest contributors for Indian Literature. The monthly journal "Sri Desika Seva" started by him in 1950 and yearly almanac "Sri Desika Darsana Diary" introduced in 70's continue to be the most sought after despite his becoming immortal.

His service to the society has no parallels. The institutions like "Sri Vedanta Desika Research Centre" to guide the young generation and "Mani Mandapam" - a temple founded by him are the live examples of his devotion to social service. "Mani Mandapam" enshrined with deities like Sri Hayagriva, Sri Vedanta Desika and others became the nerve centre of his social service. Rich tributes titled "Tireless Service to Humanity" in "The Hindu" (May 11, 2001) newspaper is yet another proof of his calibre and service.

We, the disciples and admirers of Sri Seva Swamy, in his memory, have formed a charitable trust to continue his ideals for the benefit of the society. His nickname that was affectionately used by his admirers and devotees forms the name for the Trust "Seva Swamy Memorial Foundation".

Seva Swamy Memorial Foundation will focus on all its social activities as guided by Sri Seva Swamy. As a step towards propagating his ideals, the foundation has launched this website in his honour. The website talks about his selfless service to the society and we are planning to furnish with frequent updates under "What's New?" It will carry happenings in institutions started Sri Seva Swamy. We request disciples and admirers of Sri Seva Swamy to visit our site and guide us for continuing his ideals.

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