Contribution to Literature

He has started his stint in the literary field way back in 1948. His thoughts got materialised through the journal "Seva" which was devoted to sphereheading the greatness of Srivaishnava philosophy in particular Vedanta Desika Sampradaya. His journalistic skills where fully brought out to the world by the journal through his series of articles on various topics. The journal still continues to feed the readers with contributions from him and other eminent personalities.

Throughout his life, he has contributed to Indian literature in a unique way. His mastery over various indian languages are evident through his works in different languages. He has authored innumerous works in Sanskrit for which he got President's Award in 1992. He has written both original works and translations in the language which includes masterpieces like Venkatanatheeyam, Varadabidana Sahasram etc.

His contribution to literature reached a new height when he launched "Sri Desika Darsana Diary" - an Almanac and Diary in 1972. It contains all religious rites to followed, Star details, Important religious events besides the calendar for the year.

During the course of his studies, he got married in the year 1943 to kanakavalli. After his traditional studies in 1946 he joined He has not restricted himself to articles or commenataries. He has written Keerthanas on Lord Krishna in different ragas which were sung by eminent musicians in a music conference. He has also authored books on other philosophies notable being "Pushtimargam" - the philosophy of Shudathwaitha of Vallabacharya.

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