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Sri Hayagrivar - Upanyasam by Sri Seva Swamy

Seva Swamy's 94th thirunakshatram celebrations

Mani Mandapam, Villivakkam

Seva Swamy’s 94th thirunakshatra uthsavam was celebrated in a befitting manner at Mani Mandapam, Villivakkam, Chennai. A week long long uthsavam was a grand affair with visesha aradhanam, veda, prabhanda, sahasranama archanai, upanyasams, sattrumurai, honouring of scholars, vahana purppadu and so on. Seva Swamy’s thirunakshatra uthsavam had started with Veda, Prabhanda parayanam on Sri Rama Navami Day (Apr 5, 2017). Prasadams were prepared and distributed to sevarthis who turned in large numbers every day.

There were special occasions during uthsavam days. On Apr 5, 2017 Sri Rama Navami was celebrated in a grand manner. During April 6-8, 2017, Veda Prabhanda parayanam were performed during both morning and evening with visesha aradhanams. On the day of Panguni Uthram (April 9, 2017), Thirumanjam was performed in the afternoon for deities / acharyas. With chanting of Taitareeya upanishad and Purusha suktham, the session was adding colour to the already divine atmosphere. The sahasranama archanai was performed for Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan and Sri Ananda Lakshmi Thayar. The archanai was done with lotus flowers and chanting of sahasra namavali.

On April 10, 2017, besides regular programmes, competition was conducted for young ones who learn stotras at mani mandapam regularly. They were categorized as Juniors and Seniors and the competition was conducted on Swami Desika’s Abheethistavam. They were asked to recite a sloka on Abheethistavam and give meaning for the same. Their performance was commendable and enthralled the audience who turned in large numbers. Certificates were given to winners and participation certificates were given to all.

The thirunakshatram day (April 11, 2017) witnessed grand celebrations. In the morning, after Veda Prabhanda Parayana poorthi, anugraha bhashanam was delivered by Sri U.Ve. Paiyambadi Venkatavaradachariar Swami. Swami spoke at length on Seva Swamy’s unique contribution to Desika Sampradaya. He recollected Sri Seva Swamy’s selfless contribution during Swami Desikan’s 7th centenary during late 60s and his great service in spearheading Desika Sampradaya for more than 50 years.

During thirunakshatra uthsavam, a book containing Sri Lakshmi Hayavadana Suprabhatham, Sri Damodara Suprabhatham and Sri Lakshmi Hayavadana Mangalam written by Sri Seva Swamy was released. Sattrumurai was performed and theertha prasadams were distributed. Suitable Sambhavanai to Veda, Prabhanda, kainkarya goshti was given during sattrumurai. Divya Prabhanda Parayana Swamins were honoured with a certificate titled “Prabhanda Seva Dhuranthara” on the occasion. Thadhiyaradhanam was conducted at Swami thirumaaligai after conclusion of uthsavam in the morning.

With huge demand from sevarthis, Swami Desikan purappadu was conducted on Seva Swami’s thirunakshatram day in the evening for the first time. The grand celebrations concluded with sattrumurai. The uthsavam concluded with theertha prasadams to devotees.

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Sri Desika Seva

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Sri Seva Swamy’s contributions were multifaceted. He built “Mani Mandapam - Hayagrivar Temple” in 1969, founded Sri Vedanta Desika Research Centre in 1994 to spearhead Swami Desika Sampradaya. He had written many books, articles and gave series of lectures to enrich and enlighten the readers and audience. He was reverentially called as “Seva Swamy” because of his selfless service through the magazine Sri Desika Seva.

Sri Seva Swamy’s articles on various topics, question and answer columns, contributions from various scholars are immensely popular with the readers of the magazine. He was honoured with “Rashtrapathi Award” for his contribution to Sanskrit literature in 1992. When he passed away in 2001, The Hindu, a leading newspaper made a glowing tribute with an article titled “Tireless service to humanity”.

The magazine was relaunched in 2003 with aesthetic design and new contents. The magazine is being published by Seva Swamy Memorial Foundation, a charitable trust formed in memory of Sri Seva Swamy. Following his footsteps, the magazine carries articles on Hinduism by various scholars, educational pieces for youngsters and lots of interesting and useful materials.

In a mission to reach out our glorious culture and tradition to the next generation across the globe, the digital version of Sri Desika Seva is being launched in April 2017. Digital version of the magazine will be uploaded in the website With this initiative, several activities are being planned for Sri Ramanuja’s 1000th year and Swami Desika’s 750th year in 2018. We request you to join this cultural mission to take forward our glorious legacy.

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